Enhance the charm of the entrance by hanging the elegant Torans

The festivals in India are celebrated with great pomp and show where decoration plays a major role. The decoration of a home entirely changes the look of the house and makes it look different from the regular days. With many decorative items that can be purchased easily from the online handicrafts website, comes with candles, diyas, vases, flowers, pottery items, wall hangings, lamps, etc. These products enlighten the house bringing positivity and happiness.

One such decorative piece which is commonly seen in the Indian houses includes torans or the wall hangings. Torans are the traditional door hangings, seen in the archways of the homes and the entrance of the houses. They are decorated with mirrors, flowers and beads highlighting the entrance and the pathways, adding a happy mood with positive vibes. The door toran online India comes in a variety of colors and types where some of them can be simply hanged easily with the hooks given in the outer corners.

Types of torans- With a variety of options and colors availability, shopping handicrafts and home decor items has been made very simple with the online stores, which have the best quality of products at very affordable prices. These stores have different types of door hangings and torans meeting the taste and preferences of people like-

  • The beaded torans- Noted for their best visual appeal, the beaded torans come in even a crystal look, with a combination of colours. The traditional colors, i.e. brown, red, yellow and orange, make them look really mesmerising. They shine beautifully at the entrance making it look like a special place.
  • The flower torans- The floral torans are made out of artificial colourful flowers, which can generally be washed and kept safely for the next use. They are very commonly seen during the festival of Diwali, when the doors are highlighted with such flowers making it an auspicious place.
  • The thread torans- These have a classic look, with some beautiful and bright colour thread work in it. At the bottom of every sequence work of toran, one can see small bells or shells hanging giving it an entirely different look.
  • Conventional motifs torans- The brightly embedded colors of good thread or other shiny material highlights the beauty of the work in such torans. On the torans hang in the end the conventional motifs of OM, Beetle leaves, a sign of swastika, a symbol of happiness and positivity. The colours like red, yellow and orange make them look more appealing.
  • Wall hangings- Apart from the torans, some similar work to torans include in their category are the side wall hangings. The metal, beads, and the small coloured balls with some bells, pearls, and other hanging sequence work are best for hanging on both the corners of the doors in the office, home and other pooja areas giving a welcoming look for the guests. Door hangings online also known as bandarwars gives a friendly appeal with lots of positivity.

The torans have a special significance being as a decor item and of spiritual importance too. Find out the right one for the house entrance and welcome the guests warmly.

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