Police body cameras cut complaints against officers

A study by the University of Cambridge has revealed that complaints from the public against police have fallen by 93 per cent in a 12-month period.

The reason for this dramatic reduction is officers carrying body worn cameras.

The study included four UK police forces and two Californian police departments in the US and was published in the Criminal Justice & Behaviour journal. Researchers set up the experiment to determine what effect the cameras were having on the behaviour of the police and members of the public.

The cameras are worn on the officers’ uniforms, usually on the chest or shoulder area. They were first introduced around 10 years ago but have only become regularly used in recent years.

Changes in behaviour

Lead researcher Dr Barak Ariel said that the introduction of cameras was one of the most significant factors in the change of behaviour of officers toward other officers and the public.

Assistant Chief Constable of Hertfordshire Police Simon Megicks added that the presence of cameras was helping to moderate behaviour and also helping to secure convictions. The study also revealed that in eight police forces that used body worn cameras, the rate of attacks on officers had increased by 15 per cent, but the cameras are considered to be a positive addition.

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Get to know the law

Body cameras can also be used by the private sector, particularly in the security industry for security guards, doormen and women and other enforcement officers, in addition to companies that feel that their staff are particularly vulnerable to assaults.

There are strict laws governing the use of body-worn cameras, so do take the advice of specialist retailers like https://www.pinnacleresponse.com/body-worn-cameras, who provide extensive guidelines explaining the legal issues involved.

Before you kit out your staff with the cameras, take the time to read the legislation. As a responsible manager or company owner, it is vital that you and your staff fully understand the implications and the benefits that these cameras can have.

Benefits also include greater transparency and accountability, a reduction in absenteeism and time-saving, as the video and audio evidence help reduce the amount of paperwork and report writing needed. The camera recordings also provide greater accuracy of verbal exchanges and the sequence of events, and staff can also record witness statements at the scene.

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Hillel Krauss highlights the best ways of having the Japanese Tea?

The tea from the Japanese tea garden, is not just normal tea, because each cup of this tea contains a lot of anti-oxidants that prevent the occurrence of any heart diseases, improves the functioning of the brain, and is also effective in reducing the chances of certain types of cancers. But, in order to enjoy the benefits of green tea, it is important to serve it in the right way.

If you are interested to know more about the different ways of having the Japanese Tea, then you can go through the list of it discussed below:

  • First you need to hold the tea with your right hand and support the tea cup with your left hand. In Japan, the cup is called “yunomi” and it should be held with both hand because, this is considered to be a polite gesture by the Japanese people.
  • Do not blow on the tea, in order to cool it. It is always recommended to put the tea cup on the table in order to cool it. While drinking tea, do not make any slurping noise because it is considered to be bad manners.
  • Make sure that the tea suits your taste buds. You should be able to enjoy the taste of the tea. If you want, you can make it taste a little bitter or it can have a muted taste with a mild flavor.
  • The best way to have tea is combining it, with mild flavored snacks that will not compete with the taste of the tea. You can either choose a plain pound cake, or have some small rice crackers with the tea. If you want, you can also eat some plain butter cookies along with the tea that is coming from the Japanese tea garden.
  • According to Hillel Krauss, having a sweet snack along with this tea is always better than having this tea with a salty snack.

The tea that comes from the Japanese tea garden has a number of benefits and having this tea in the above mentioned way, can surely help you enjoy the tea. This tea from the Japanese tea garden is very popular among people all over the world. It has a number of health benefits, and thereby helps an individual to maintain a strong healthy body and mind.

Hillel Krauss loves this tea and understands the health benefits of this type of tea. That is the reason Krauss always tells people to have this type of tea. These days, because of the stressful life you lead, it is very important to maintain a good and healthy life style. Having tea from the Japanese tea garden, on a regular basis, will surely help you to maintain a healthy life style. If you combine this tea with the right kind of snacks, then having this tea can provide you with a really enjoyable experience. So, whenever, you want to know the advantages of having this tea, make sure that you get in touch with Hillel Krauss.


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Retirement Planning helps you to make Plans for your Future

The word retirement whenever comes to your mind, you might feel like how will you support yourself and your family when you will have no fixed income. Obviously you cannot take a chance when it comes to you and your family’s future and you can get this done correctly by taking the right financial advice.

A retirement planning is vital to maintain good lifestyle that you wish to have all through the retirement period. Having an organized retirement planning includes variety of items such as expected income flows, retirement requirements, contingency plans, and inflation, cash access and estate and dependents plans. Taking into consideration all these issues is sure to have an influence on the retirement period. Thus, choosing appropriate solutions is vital to suit your circumstances so that you can develop a retirement plan that is comprehensive to meet your requirements.

Barry Bulakites is an expert on retirement planning and have consulted with many corporations, pop stars and sports teams. With more than a decade of experience in this field, he has become one of the main leaders in the retirement industry. He has founded America’s IRA CentersTM which is an association that serves more than seventy five hundred accountants devoted to assisting revive the retirement market.

Barry says that the retirement planning with finance cannot be done at the final hours; instead one should start calculating and investing in the right times when he or she is earning quite well. Listed below are some of the tips that would help you in retirement planning:

  • Check what you have saved in the workplace as retirement plans or personal savings. In addition to this check if there are other incomes available such as social security or employer pension.
  • Consider financing in more than one strategy of investment.
  • Go through the living costs. It is vital to stay realistic about the standard of living that you want to maintain all through your life.
  • In retirement, taxes are the major expenditures. Keep in mind that workplace plans, distributions from traditional IRAs, Social Security and annuities are subjected to taxes. Thus, planning into the future is compulsory so that you can customize a tax-efficient option.
  • Ensure there is a tactic in place assisting in dealing with unexpected happenings. The health care requirements must be met and so planning for the care needs and expenditures is vital.

Thus, having a plan is necessity and if you unable to prepare a plan consult with a retirement planning expert like Mr. Bulakites who can assist you in evading undesirable issues that can arise in the future.

Apart from helping with retirement planning, Barry Bulakites is also a renowned motivational speaker and specializes in marketing and communications. Each year he conducts about 250 events and often speaks at sessions. He has also appeared on radio and television programs. Barry has been nominated for the 2011 Industry Elite Award because of his achievement in developing the America’s IRA Centers concept.

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How Historical Writers Create a Compelling Narrative To Makes Sense of Gathered Evidence?

The job of a historical fiction writer is chiefly concerned with bringing history alive and framing it to suit the story he has in his brain. It may come as a revelation that writers of this genus are rarely history graduates but are well-known journalists. Plainly defined, historical fiction is a story set in the past but generally uses fictional events and characters. Historical fiction is seen in plays, novels, magazines, art and television. Before writing a historical fiction book, writers today are hallowed with prospects to check historical facts; they can read journals, informative books, and Internet articles. A historical fiction writer is a journalist first, and his ability to conduct research and probe deep into the prior period is secondary. A novel set in a long-gone era attracts book lovers who develop an inquisitiveness to know what comes next, and this encourages them to keep turning the pages impatiently.

A major sway on the early work of Orlando Figes, a historian writer was the Professor of Sociology at Manchester University and Teodor Shanin, who developed the ideas of Alexander Chayanov as a substitute to Marxist notions of entrepreneurial development in the Russian geography.

The aim of a historical fiction writer is to lock up the economic, social, cultural and characteristics of days gone by and regenerate them with a new spirit, thus presenting an entirely diverse picture today. It is very significant to get all the facts accurately right or else the portion of literature is not expected to win creditability and hence loose the combat long before it starts. It is tolerable to interweave a few events that did take place with those that did not and come up with something exceptional. There are distinguished writers who have mastered the ability of writing historical screenplays for the industry of television and film. Since it is more complicated and expensive to give a shape to chronological screenplays, only the best of the lot get to see the light of day. In 1996, Orlando Figes published A People’s Tragedy: The Russian Revolution, 1891-1924. Converted into over twenty languages, A People’s Tragedy is a panoramic narration of the Revolution from the famine of 1891 to the bereavement of Lenin in 1924.

What makes the profession of a historical fiction writer even harder is the fact that he has to be a skilled writer in conjunction with having the historical information that he is reflecting on to deal with, on his fingertips. He cannot swindle with history or what took place in the antique times. All that the writer can do is give the precedent occurrences a new aspect and present it to the world in the way he wishes. A story with history as its pedestal gains in recognition quickly and is read insatiably by the general section of society as well as the historian. Aspiring historical writers tend to disregard this rule and put their careers in danger. A historical fiction writer must comprehend that the people who lived generations ago varied in their outlook, attitudes, and even beliefs and customs. The historical fiction writer must get all the scientific details accurate in order to clip the readers from start to the end.

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Identify the Signs and Symptoms of global Warming

Global warming is actually the upsurge in the temperatures of the land masses, atmosphere and oceans. The temperature of the surface of earth is at an average of fifty nine degree Fahrenheit and over the last several years, this number has increased to around one degree Fahrenheit. Experts say that by the next couple of decades the average change in the temperature of the Earth could increase further which can be sufficient to thaw polar ice caps and glaciers.

Jonathan Schrag has several years of practices in the fields of climate, energy, and the environment. He has been part of various corporations and institutions of higher education that used his skill in supportable and renewable energies. According to environmentalists like Jonathan, with the advent of careless environmental practices and industrialization, the upsurge in the average global temperatures has occurred.

As increasingly fossil fuels in the form of oil were burned, gases as the by-product of that procedure start to be released in the atmosphere. At present, it is estimated that nearly more than seventy percent of the upsurge in the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere is triggered by the burning of these fossil fuels. Mentioned below are some of the points that would help you to identify global warming:

  • The melting of the glaciers located in the lower latitudes indicates that the global warming phenomena have started. In fact, the ice at Polar Regions is also melting.
  • Sudden increase in the sea level also indicates that the global warming phenomena have started.
  • Flood, drought and tornados and other natural calamities. There are areas in the world who are receiving heavy rainfall that cause flood while others are experiencing drought. These indicate global warming.
  • Heat waves and usually warm weather are prevailing across the world which indicates that the entire world is facing global warming problem.

If all these are not taken care of immediately, the world will experience a more humid atmosphere since the water of the ocean will have a greater rate of evaporation. With greater dampness, rainfall is likely to upsurge on average. Global warming is a problem that necessitates fast action. Even plants and animal species are badly affected by it. Although several changes that take place in the planet are completely not in control of people, but still there are certain things that can be done to take care of this serious situation.

The environmental community correctly identifies global warming as one of the severest threats to the earth. Jonathan Schrag has served as an Executive Director for RGGI, Inc. He has also served as a partner at Hudson Strategic Energy Advisors LLC. At the Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy, he has worked as Executive Director during which he ran programs on sequestration and carbon capture, nuclear energy, renewable energy technologies and carbon policy. He has also worked with the Global Roundtable on Climate Change as Research Staff and for Columbia University’s Center for Carbon Management as a Research Associate.

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